Revolutionizing Commuting: Aisin’s Parking Lot Detection Feature

Revolutionizing Commuting: Aisin’s Parking Lot Detection Feature

Aisin’s parking lot detection feature, implemented in the fully integrated cloud-based navigation systems developed in conjunction with Toyota Motor North America, relieves the stress of finding parking while driving.

This feature along with School Zone Detection and Low Fuel Level Detection were incorporated into the new cloud-based navigation system powered by AISIN to promote safety and reduce distracted driving. This cutting-edge cloud-based system was rolled out in late 2021 in partnership with Toyota Motor North America.

Finding Parking is a Pain and an Expense

It’s frustrating to arrive at your destination and then feel lost about where to park. Driving is by far the most popular means of commuting in the U.S., but finding parking remains a significant source of stress for American drivers and leads to lost time, collisions, and so on. In a recent survey nearly half (48%) of Americans responded that they consider parking their car to be a stressful event. 

A study by INRIX also found that the average American driver spends 17 hours a year looking for a parking spot, resulting in a cost of $345 per driver in lost time, fuel and emissions. 17 hours is only the national average, but If you’re living in a busy urban center like New York, you could spend upwards of 107 hours per year on parking at a cost $2,243 per driver in wasted time, fuel and emissions.

Additionally, driving in circles to find a spot puts people behind schedule — A majority (63.5%) of people admit to being late because they could not find a parking spot. More than half of the drivers say that they have changed plans when they could not find parking.

The Solution

The good news is it doesn’t need to be that way. If you often search “Parking near me”, the Parking Lot Detection feature integrated into our cloud-based navigation system will make the process of finding parking easier. Using Aisin’s expertise in routing, live information from the vehicle, and the Parking Lot Detection feature the vehicle will provide parking suggestions automatically. 

When a user inputs a destination into their navigation the vehicle will detect that a driver is approaching their destination and will dynamically recommend parking options based on the vehicle’s current location, heading, and destination. Drivers can then seamlessly add the parking to their navigation as an intermediate stop.  Not only does this relieve the stress of trying to locate a nearby parking spot in a location that a driver may not be familiar with, but it also cuts down on the time it takes a user to find parking.

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