About Us

We Are Aisin

Aisin Corporation is consistently ranked among the top 10 global Tier One automotive suppliers. Though Aisin is based in Aichi, Japan, there is a vast global network of 210 companies and more than 120,000 global employees working hard to bring you the latest automotive technology. We work with almost every automotive manufacturer, which means the vehicle you drive or ride in today is likely equipped with our technology.

Connected & Sharing Solutions

The Connected & Sharing Solutions division has played a leading role in providing in-vehicle navigation and geolocation technologies, including precise positioning and map data enrichment. We combine this expertise with our extensive knowledge of electrified powertrains and a user-centric approach to create value for our customers.

Our Leadership

We are a globally diverse collective of highly skilled local business development professionals, software developers, and product owners who tailor our products and services to each individual market.

Atsushi Osaki

Vice President,
CSS Division

Tomohito Mizuno

General Manager,
Business Design

Kevin Smith

Senior Manager,
Business Design

Matthew Ellington

Senior Manager,
Product Management

David Lin

Senior Manager,
Software & Applications Engineering

Philip Wong

Software Engineering

Located in the Heart of Texas

As many people, business, and industries migrate to the to the Lone Star State, the region is expected to to become a central hub for technology and innovation for many industries. It is for this reason Aisin strategically chose Dallas, the heart of Texas, to be the home of our Connected and Sharing Solutions Division.

For information on our European operations, please visit here.