OEM Integration

OEM Integration

For over 20 years Aisin has continuously been striving to improve and develop next generation navigation systems which has made us an industry leader in location-based and navigation services.

Over the decades our portfolio has had major changes; starting out as a fully embedded system, to a hybrid system, and now to a fully integrated cloud based navigation system.

Our cloud based navigation system is optimized to faster faster and more efficient to provide users with the best possible experience. Some advantages of a cloud based system are:

  • Cloud-first Hybrid Navigation: Allows for minimum data loads to be downloaded from the cloud to empower navigation in areas of low to no connectivity
  • Cloud-based Dynamic Routing and Guidance: The system processes multiple routes I the cloud  at the same time and rapidly provides the most optimized route to the user, often in less than 1 second
  • Always Up-To-Date: With data housed in the cloud, maps can quickly be updated  ensuring access to the latest map data
  • Lane Level Guidance:  Provides recommendations for navigating complicated intersections and junction points
  • Real-Time Live Traffic: Real-time live traffic enables dynamic routing and congestion notifications
  • Server Allocation Efficiancy: Due to the fact that the solution is managed in the cloud we are able to optimize based on usage and load so there is no unnecessary wastage of server allocations

Aisin has also developed several unique features for our next generation navigation such as:

  • Send to Phone: Upon detecting users are near their destination, the system provides a push notification to their phone asking if they would like on-foot guidance to their final destination
  • Parking Lot Detection: Detects and recommends parking availability as the driver approaches the destination
  • Low Fuel Level Detection: When low fuel is detected, the system provides suggestions of nearby gas stations
  • Passenger Occupancy Auto-detection: Upon detecting multiple adult passengers, the system automatically triggers High Occupancy Vehicle(HOV) lane routing
  • School Zone Detection: Integrated school zone detection brings safety and awareness to drivers
  • Mobile Text integration: Enables users to send their estimated arrival time to friends/family based on AISIN’s dynamic routing