Location Based Services SDK

The Aisin LBS SDK provides the tools for developers to easily create new mobility services. The SDK provides much needed flexibility on multiple platforms such as Linux and Mobile (iOS and Android) through a variety of APIs.

Key Features

  • Modular components
  • Simple to use, integrate, and customize
  • Supports Android, iOS, and Linux

LBS-SDK Modules

Navigation – Provides core navigation function, such as real-time route progress tracking and traveling time, voice announcement and turn-by-turn route guidance, and visual guiding map that can intuitively grasp complicated branch of the road.

Routing – Provides the function searching for optimal route to the destination. The route is customizable according to need the user.

Maps – Provides function to display a simple and easy-to-understand map. In addition, provides switching map display design using style sheets, adding display objects such as icons, lines, and polygon, and map operation functions using gestures.

Location – Provides function to calculate real-time current location with the sensor information acquired from the device and combine it with the DB. Also provides function to accumulate and provide the calculated coordinates.

Place Search – Search facilities and addresses and provide detailed information of that location.

Traffic – Provides a function to distribute regulation information, regulation area information and facility information around the current location or the specified coordinates.

AR – Offer function that convert created route with “Routing” into library for AR and draw AR guide object on the connected camera image