Aisin to Increases Driver Safety & Awareness in School Zones

Aisin to Increases Driver Safety & Awareness in School Zones

Aisin increases driver safety awareness when driving through designated school zones with its Integrated School Zone Detection feature that is already implemented in the fully integrated cloud-based navigation system it developed in conjunction with Toyota Motor North America.

This feature along with Parking Lot Detection and Low Fuel Level Detection are part of the new cloud-based Navigation powered by AISIN. This cutting-edge cloud-based system was rolled out in late 2021 in partnership with Toyota Motor North America.

As students begin their return to school after summer vacation, Parents hope their children will be in a safe environment. However, it is not uncommon to hear about increases in accidents involving students that led to serious injury or death within school zones.

Traffic Incidents in School Zones

According to the (Transportation Research Board) more than 25,000 school-aged children are injured every single year in accidents within designated school zones with more than 100 killed on average while walking to or from school.

Additionally, the two most common type of citations issued to drivers in/near designated school zones are 1) speeding tickets and 2) distracted driving tickets (i.e. using a phone, etc…) both of which negatively impact insurance rates.

School zones often have speed limits of 25mph or less, and fines on tickets issued in these area are higher. The same can also be said for distracted driving tickets.

Preventing Traffic Incidents

One of the best ways to promote safety around designated school zones is by increasing driver awareness of the existence of the school zone beyond what is provided by road signage alone. That is exactly what the School Zone Detection feature in the Aisin cloud-based navigation system provides.

Using Aisin’s expertise in location-based services, the vehicle’s current location, and always up-to-date map data provided by HERE Technologies, the vehicles navigation system will detect and recognize that a driver is entering a designated school zone during school hours. A notification will then be presented to the driver informing them that they are entering a school zone and the special speed limits that apply.

This helps increase driver awareness and hopefully reduces the number of traffic related incidents around schools.

Alongside this feature, the new fully integrated cloud-based navigation system provides a full range of cutting-edge technologies like parking lot detection, low fuel level notifications, and always up-to-date map and traffic data.


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