AISIN Collaborates with Toyota to Empower Cutting Edge, Cloud-Based Navigation

AISIN Collaborates with Toyota to Empower Cutting Edge, Cloud-Based Navigation

Plano, TX – It’s likely the vehicle you drove to work today is equipped with technology from AISIN Corporation, especially if it is a 2023 or newer Toyota. Many of the new models featuring the new-generation Toyota Audio Multimedia or Lexus Interface offer Cloud Navigation powered in part by AISIN’s location-based services (LBS) Platform. 

AISIN is the fifth-largest Tier One auto supplier in the world and is a leader in vehicle navigation systems. It has provided systems for nearly four decades, from the early embedded systems to vehicle-first hybrid systems, to a fully integrated cloud-based navigation system launched last year. 

“Toyota is proud of our latest-generation multimedia system that we designed with the support of AISIN. From its launch, our engineers have received positive feedback from customers and journalists who have praised the clean and intuitive menu design, smartphone-like touchscreen capabilities and enhanced navigation features,” said Charan Lota, executive vice president and executive chief engineer, Connected Technologies for Toyota Motor North America. “With valued partners like AISIN, we have engineered a system that offers our customers an intuitive and modern navigation and infotainment experience.”

AISIN has developed novel, user-friendly features that debuted on Toyota’s and Lexus’s available new Cloud Navigation system, including:

  • Send to Phone: Upon detecting users are near their destination, the system provides a push notification to their phone asking if they would like on-foot guidance to their destination.
  • Parking Lot Detection: Detects and recommends parking availability as the driver approaches the destination.
  • Low Fuel Level Detection: When low fuel is detected, the system provides suggestions of nearby gas stations.
  • Passenger Occupancy Auto-detection: Upon detecting multiple adult passengers, the system automatically triggers High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane routing in applicable areas.
  • School Zone Detection: Integrated school zone detection brings safety and awareness to drivers surrounding active school zones.
  • Mobile Text integration: Enables users to send their estimated arrival time to friends/family based on AISIN’s dynamic routing.
Cloud Based Navigation powered by Aisin in Toyota 2023 Highlander
Toyota 2023 Highlander
Cloud Based Navigation powered by Aisin in Toyota 2023 Tundra
Toyota 2023 Tundra
Cloud Based Navigation powered by Aisin in Toyota 2023 Tundra
Toyota 2023 Tundra

“At AISIN, we take pride in our technology’s ability to work flawlessly with other suppliers collaborating with our OEM partners,” said Kenji Suzuki, global EVP, Connected & Sharing Solutions Division, and pioneer of navigation technology. “We partnered with Toyota Motor North America and selected class-leading suppliers for this project to create a truly user-centric solution that exceeds customers’ expectations of in-vehicle navigation.”

Toyota’s and Lexus’s cloud-based navigation system powered by AISIN provides users with many advantages over previous generations of in-vehicle navigation, ranging from more up-to-date maps/traffic information to faster processing speeds. Due to the cloud-first nature of the system, multiple routes can be calculated at once, even in areas of low connectivity, so users are presented with the most optimized route given their individual circumstances. 

In previous generations of in-vehicle navigation, much of the data was stored within the vehicle, which often led to inaccurate maps, traffic information, or ETA. By integrating map data and live traffic data, users have access to the most up-to-date maps and traffic data whenever and wherever they are. This data isn’t static; it is continuously updated in the cloud. Finally, lane-level guidance is also available to help guide users through often confusing intersections and junction points.  

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AISIN Corporation is the world’s fifth largest Tier One supplier of automotive components and systems such as brakes, transmissions, navigation systems, drivetrain, chassis, body, engine-related parts, electronics, and intelligent parking systems. A $32 billion company, AISIN is the largest manufacturer of automatic transmissions in the world and employs more than 120,000 team members at 200+ consolidated companies. In the Americas, Aisin Group companies include 14,000 employees, 40 manufacturing, sales, and R & D centers, including FT-Techno of America, the company’s 950-acre test track and proving grounds in Fowlerville, Mich., and Aisin Technical Center of America, part of a growing network of technology development centers around the United States, with locations in Plano, Texas; Northville and Ann Arbor, Michigan. 


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