AR Navi

Augmented Reality Navigation

With traditional map styles, the 3D world is simplified to fit a 2D screen; this inevitably creates confusion for the user such as not knowing which street turn on or which lane to merge into. Our Augmented Reality Navigation(AR Navi) solves this problem by superimposing digital 3D objects onto the real world landscape that a user sees. For example, as one drives, a line showing the route is displayed on the ground, Guiding arrows at junctions such as intersections or forks are displayed in the air. Other non-navigation related information such as speed limit, ETA, and final destination can also be displayed to aid drivers.

Lane Level Guidance

Aisin’s Lane-level guidance is especially important in urban areas that tend to have many multi-lane roads. In areas such as these if a driver doesn’t know which lanes lead where it can cause driver to feel anxious and can even lead to accidents. By combining a high precision ADAS map that contains lane information, current vehicle position, and a vehicles front camera Aisin’s AR Navi can show drivers a “magic carpet” that guides drivers into the optimal lane give their route. Drivers no longer have to wonder if they are in the right lane they just need to follow the magic carpet to their destination.