Aisin Road Maintenance Service (ARMS)

Aisin Road Maintenance Solution

In the US nationwide the percentage of roads classified as “poor condition” rose from 14% to 20% between 2009-2017. This comes to a roughly $786 billion backlog of badly needed road and bridge repairs. 37 states report that the condition of their roads are deteriorating at an increasing rate. Due to these road conditions, on average motorists pay over $1000/year in wasted time, fuel, and maintenance.

Traditionally, road surveys required either a human visual inspection or specialized survey vehicles with expensive sensors. Both methods require a significant investment from local municipalities whether it be in labor costs or more specialized vehicles. Aisin’s Smart Road Maintenance Solution(ARMS) is next generation solution that not only reduces the amount of labor needed but also reduces the need for expensive specialized survey vehicles. By attaching a camera and vibration sensor to any municipal vehicle(i.e. dump trucks, school buses, police cars, etc…) ARMS can automatically survey the road condition as municipal employees perform the normal duties.



  • Automatically detect road conditions such as potholes, cracks, and roughness using a combination of object detection and vibrations felt by the vehicle
  • Quickly share location and images of the road defects to road maintenance crews and other stake holders
  • Centralized management, analysis, and visualization of collected via a road condition “heat map.”