In-Vehicle Payments

Showing a transaction being completed using Aisin's in-vehicle payment solution

In-Vehicle Payments

Aisin’s In-vehicle payment(IVP) solution introduces a transaction-based revenue model to the driving experience. IVP allows drivers to securely pay for fuel, parking, EV Chargers, and other services with just a simple confirmation right on the vehicles infotainment screen. IVP also lays the foundation for additional use-cases and advertising. This end-to-end solution provides the technical and business processes to securely and profitably deploy payment services into a vehicle an/or companion app.

Location-Based Authentication

Transactions are authenticated using the vehicles current position, determined using Aisin’s High Accuracy location, and a user confirmation. the presence of both of these inputs significantly reduces the risk of disputes, refunds, fraud, etc.

MarketPlace vs Contextual

Previous commerce solutions, dubbed marketplace, required drivers to signup with individual providers like Shell, Dominos, etc. Aisin’s in-vehicle payment solution removes that requirement. other than a tap to confirm a payment our solution requires no action from the driver – no searching through the Infotainment and no service provider setup. Use the payment method already registered on file with the OEM, or enter payment info once. Drive up, and the payment application automatically triggers. The payment service appears when the driver needs it and disappears when the driver no longer needs it.